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JHerbalTeas Pink Passion Fruit Candle

JHerbalTeas Pink Passion Fruit Candle

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Ignite the enchantment of Pink Passion Fruit with our exquisite candle, a fragrant symphony that captures the essence of tropical allure. Immerse yourself in the seductive aroma of ripe passion fruit, elegantly blended with floral notes and a touch of sweetness. Handcrafted with precision, this soy wax candle is a sensory escape, bringing the allure of a sun-kissed paradise into your space.

Key Features:

  1. Tropical Elegance: Our Pink Passion Fruit Candle transports you to a lush, exotic oasis with its captivating blend of succulent passion fruit, delicate florals, and a hint of sweetness. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance that lingers in the air.
  2. Premium Soy Wax: Experience a clean and eco-conscious burn with our soy wax candle. Carefully selected for its sustainability, soy wax ensures a slow and even release of the enticing aroma, creating a long-lasting ambiance.
  3. Chic Design: Housed in a stylish container, our Pink Passion Fruit Candle adds a touch of elegance to any space. The contemporary design complements your decor while emanating a warm, inviting glow when lit.
  4. Handcrafted Excellence: Meticulously hand-poured by skilled artisans, each Pink Passion Fruit Candle is a unique masterpiece. Embrace the artisanal touch and elevate your space with a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.
  5. Passionate Ambiance: Create an atmosphere of passion and relaxation with the alluring scent of ripe fruits and delicate florals. Perfect for setting the mood for a romantic evening or unwinding after a hectic day.

Why Choose Pink Passion Fruit Candle:

  • Immerse your senses in the exotic allure of passion fruit and delicate florals.
  • Enjoy an eco-friendly and clean burn with our premium soy wax candle.
  • Elevate your space with the chic and contemporary design of our Pink Passion Fruit Candle.
  • Experience the craftsmanship of a hand-poured candle for a unique and special touch.

Indulge in the tropical escape of our Pink Passion Fruit Candle – a fragrant journey that transforms your surroundings into a paradise of relaxation and elegance. Order your Pink Passion Fruit Candle today and infuse your space with the irresistible allure of exotic fruits and floral notes.

The jar measures 3.5 inches tall and 3.125 inches wide. When ordered, the wax fill will vary.

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